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Dealing with time management problems



Dear Readers, remember this words? “time waits for no men”, “time is gold”

I believed most of us are having a lot of time management problems. How many times in a month have you face with this problem? Unable to accomplish your target, unable to do revision for examinations, and delaying writing for group assignments are some of the symptoms that indicates you have the time management problems.

Well said than done. Some students, based on their personality are often thought they want to be the best students in early semester. They attended many clubs, classes, additional classes, part-time jobs, volunteer jobs, and attending many events. I believed those who wanted to enrich their life and academic experiences would do this kind of things.

However, we were given 24 hours a day, 364 days a year. Without realizing, time has passess but you have had accomplished 90% of your love-to-do task with 60-70% of qualities. Believe it or not, you may registered in all activities, but you cannot do everything perfectly.

Quality leads to perfectionism in doing task and better performance. Thus, I would like to share some tips for those of you who have had time management problems:

  1. Priotizing your work. Make it in sequence, which one to do first, and what next, depending on your priority such as weight of the task, due date and so on;
  2. Adding a littel “hindsight” evaluation at least once a week, and then figure out on how you can avoid this later;
  3. Define you “to-do-list” as “urgent” or “important”.
  4. Learn to say “NO” for interruptions especially from your friends invitation during your study time, junk mail, unwanted calls and so on;
  5. Have a diary. Do you have one? Make it useful, put everything on it, write, refer, and revise. If you think it is not easy to bring everywhere, write down on your handphone. I suggest all of you to have a software “to-do-list” on your phone such as “OmniFocus” (refer to an article about OmniFocus in this webpage).

After all, the most important thing that I just found in time management is:

“F O C U S”

Focus, and give the best energy to perform the task. Then you can eliminate waste of time. I give you an example;

  1. You are doing work while watching television or listening to music. It’s not good as you brain are doing multitask. Let’s focus, just do your work. Switch off your tv, and put your handphone to silent, and just pick it up if your family call.
  2. You are going to cafeteria to buy food but in there you meet friends and talk for some time. This is also called as wasting time. Make a short conversation, and tell your friend that you have other things to do.
  3. Learn to say “no”. Again, it is very important. “No” go for shopping during study time, and “no” to cafeteria if not your lunch time.

I hope these tips are useful for all of you who faced time management problems.

Bye till then~

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  1. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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